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Hi! Welcome to my website! My name is Keiko (sounds like Cake-Oh!) and since you’re reading this you might be interested in reading a bit about me. I’m a first-generation Japanese-American. I moved to Arizona in 2003 so I could attend the University of Arizona. I remember my parents made me promise to move back to Japan after I graduated but while in school I met my future husband, Brian. We currently live in Castle Rock, CO with three little kids and dog.

I’ve always loved taking pictures and always had a camera with me everywhere I went. I started taking photography seriously though after my first son was born (just like many other moms, I’m sure!). As a mother of three, my life can get pretty hectic, but time is flying so fast. I feel like my kids will be moving out in the blink of an eye, which really gave me the desire to capture every moment so I’ll never forget them. I eventually took photography classes in my spare time and buying studio equipment, gear, props etc., that take up too much garage space according to my husband. But he knows how crazy I am for photography!

After I started taking photography more seriously, I realized I also really enjoy editing pictures. I can still remember using Microsoft Paint to cover up distracting backgrounds. Today I use Photoshop and it’s still such an exciting thing for me to see what’s possible after physically taking pictures.

I originally started a blog several years ago to keep family and friends updated with pictures of our growing family. After photographing several friends and their family I required more space and decided to move to my own website. I hope you enjoy the pictures here and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on them!