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Everyday life...

October 20, 2014  •  1 Comment

So...I built this website so I could share the pictures of my little family with my friends and family in Japan/all over the world (a lot of them don't have facebook) and also it would be easier for me to upload pictures (unlimited data!). But I just realized last week that I haven't took any pictures of my kids for a long long time! Here are some pictures I took one random day last week...Welcome to my mommyhood:)


This is Tyler. We call him TyTy. He just turned 3. He loves trains/trucks/cars, and bugs. He would not go anywhere without his Thomas the train collection. He is a big guy. As you can see in some of the pictures I posted here he has been suffering from eczema since he was a baby. He always has red patches on his face, arms and legs. I almost made his skin look perfect in the pictures I am posting here but I thought having eczema on his face is who he is right now so why would I photoshop it? He used to be really bad at sharing toys with his friends but something changed in him when his brother was born. He became the nicest big brother. When the baby gets Tyler's toy he would get upset. But instead of getting mad at the baby he would go and look for baby's toy and give it to the baby and take his toy away from the baby. I am so proud of this little man!


This is Jack. We call him Jackie-Poo. He is almost 11 months old. He is ALWAYS smiling. Everywhere I take him people come up to me and say "he is the happiest baby!" and yes, I agree! He is a one happy boy! He started walking the day before he turned 10 months old and he walks like non stop. His favorite snack is "Snapea Crisps" and he loves ice cold water. And ice cream. Don't show him ice cream unless you are willing to share! He just recently learned to yell...he would yell "AHHHH" when he doesn't get his way. I cannot believe he will be turning one in a month!!


So, my everyday life starts with a little bit of chaos. I put Jack in his walker and start cooking and preparing Daddy's lunch and snacks. I bet there are a lot of people frustrated with traffic on highways during this time and I am annoyed with the traffic I got in my kitchen.

Jack does not usually cry but he does not like this walker lately. Rare shot of him crying:)

After the breakfast Jack takes his first nap around 8:45am. 


Ta Daaa! Oh hey, I was looking for my phone! 

TyTy does not like taking pictures...

TyTy: Mommy, no pictures. No pictures pleeeease. 

Me: I know. I am not taking your picture. I am taking some pictures of your trains. OK? 

So here. "Gordon" is in focus. 

While Jack takes a nap I usually clean and play with Tyler:) 1:1 time with this monkey.


After Jack wakes up we play until lunch time. We usually go out. Library, shopping, park, or meeting up with friends at park. After the lunch, it's a nap time for both monkeys! I need this time to myself. I just NEED it. After the nap time we stay home and play or go out! The weather is finally nice so I am excited to be outside with kids:)


Jack eating his favorite snacks. 

Well, what a messy play room! And when we are home kids don't usually wear pants. It's easier for mommy to change Jack's diapers or take Tyler to the bathroom. hehe:)

Best friends♥

Jack loves walking!

He started to really love dolls. He hugs, chews, hugs and bites the dolls he has. Sweet baby♥

This may be my favorite picture of Jackie-poo. 

I realized I didn't take pictures after daddy got home until it was bedtime. It usually gets crazy before dinner time and until bed time. Maybe that explains why I didn't take any pictures during that time. Before the bed time Daddy reads books in English and mommy in Japanese. It's a very relaxing moment and I love this time the most. Maybe because I know that my "alone" time is approaching, too:) 

Good night Tyler! We give kisses and hugs to him... 

I grab my drink and go to my office. I finally sit down after a long day with kids and just relax, take a deep breath...

And I hear...

"Mommy, TyTy poo poo!" "MOMMY?? TyTy POO POO!!!"

Sigh... I let him go to the bathroom. He actually poops...

Tuck him in again and say good night. Give him kisses and hugs.

I go back to my office, sit down and try to start playing some music to relax. And I hear...

TyTy: "Mommy?? TyTy poo poo"

Me: "You just did! Lay down on your bed honey!"

TyTy: "Mommy?? TyTy poo poo. TyTy need to poo poo!! MOMMY? POO POO! TyTy poo poo in toileeet. POO POO IN TOILET! MOMMY???"

Me: "FINE" 

Sometimes I can feel my blood pressure is getting elevated. 


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beautiful. just beautiful. you be amazing photographering lady
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